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September 18 2018

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July 14 2018


In 2015 scientists started sharing their most embarrassing #Fieldworkfails, and recently French illustrator Jim Jourdane has decided to compile the most memorable ones and turn them into amusing whimsical drawings. (Source)
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May 26 2018

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May 10 2018

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Getting used to gravity again
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April 27 2018

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April 23 2018

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April 22 2018

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April 07 2018

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November 27 2017

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October 19 2017

Boxing Shoes - Locating The Excellent Pair


Boxing shoes must be a excellent fit for your fighter who is wearing them. He will only end up with aching feet, shoes that slip and slide his toes oninducing him or her to collapse from the boxing ring. It’s a good bet which fit is going to likely be lost. Before even going into the ring, even a boxer needs to be fully convinced that their equipment is in excellent condition. This consists of the shoes. Considering the punishment which boxers endure in the ring, feet blisters because of a poor choice in shoes don’t need to be a component of it.

Deciding on your boxing equipment along side the needed accessories is equally as important as your own practice. Boxing shoes have been comprised inside this equipment and will need to fit just. Just as you would rather not hazard your boxing shorts ripping at the seams in the center of a boxing game or dropping down, you would not need your shoes to force you to slip around or cause sweaty feet.

Be very picky when selecting your boxing shoes because when they don’t feel like they’re an extension of your own feet, there is likely to be issues. Most of these sneakers are assembled with rubber soles, of soft or suede leather. Ventilation is supplied by mesh ‘windows’ situated on either side to keep your feet.

Most of the works to supply the best shoes potential that you wear while working or boxing out. There is an ideal fit required or the feet will become sore and sore as well as develop painful blisters. You WILL understand it if you get the wrong kind of shoe. Before purchasing them, try on the shoes and walk around the store a bit to be certain that they’re the ideal fit. Keep in mind that in the event you want the most comfortable shoe, then you wont actually understand that they have been around your own feet.

Whilst boxing shoes used to be only for participants at the boxing game, as they became more hip and stylish to be able to coincide with the ever increasingly popular boxing outfits, so it began to turn into a bit of a fresh fashion fad for non-boxers to wear and own those shoes also. They have been comfortable because people need them to be a perfect fit for your own feet. It is rather simple to buy these shoes. Therefore, it isn’t a puzzle that people from all walks of life will want to have a minumum of one pair of boxing shoes.

This fashion could be compared to the one that was set by the ballet-slipper style of shoes. All these are still very popular although they’re not the case slippers but, alternatively, a similar style which appears quite yummy and attractive on those feet. In addition they match any type of outfit if it is dressy or casual. That appears to be the direction that boxing shoes have been traveling in. They are able to be bought for style by women or men, which work to additional increase the popularity of them.

5 Tips To Buy Boxing Shoes Which Knock You Out


Boxers know the importance of stepping in to the ring with the ideal gear. Boxing shoes are another that you should focus on while boxing gloves are given top priority. For all those of you unaware, boxing shoes are equipped with special features. These generally include foot cushioning supports and textured bottoms to boost operation as well as lower the possibility of injury during bouts.

If you’re out in the market to buy a couple of boxing shoes for your next match, here is a listing of the factors to variable in. Click this link: IFightHard for details.

1. Material -

Material choices matter because they influence the comfortable level, the weight and the durability of the shoe. Probably the most commonly used material is suede and leather for the uppers. Now, shoe manufacturers also incorporate a layer of net fabric. Both of these materials are breathable and extremely lightweight. Try out the shoe before buying it to understand how thick it seems. You don’t want your boxing sneakers being hindrance through a match.

2. Size and Fit -

Size absolutely matters if you are looking at maximum relaxation and the highest performance level. Your boxing shoes should fit snug, but if not be so tight that it causes shoe bites. Boxing shoes are generally more narrow than street shoes; hence for individuals who have feet assessing the size and fit is vital. Zippers and laces may impact relaxation level if they hurt the foot.

The shoe must not only fit properly, but additionally offer optimum support. As the matches involve bounce motions the only need to be well-cushioned. Make certain that there is certainly enough cushioning around mid-sole. You may put in a add for more arch supportnevertheless, you will find rules contrary to its use within selected states for professional matches. The sole is made to allow fluid footwork without worries of pivoting or slipping. When changing directions, you are additionally given traction and traction by A only.

3. Form -

Discussing contour, there’s a wide distinction between top and low top boxing shoes. Each has their own benefits. A low top boxing shoe strikes just below the ankle as a sneaker extends above the ankle of the wearer. The minimal shoes are more comfortable to utilize and enhance rate, however they do not offer you the ankle service one needs the game of boxing. It reduces the chance of ankle injuries from prevent ankle spins. The ideal cut, low-top or high-top, differs from the boxer-to-boxer. It depends on how you and with your own game play with. Do you require service or rate?

4. Appearance -

Boxing shoes are intended to be operational, however there is nothing like getting some that combines good looks with high performance. There is a wonderful selection they are obtainable in subtle shades for people that like to keep it dull as well as bright colors for boxers who prefer to bring style to the ring and flashy styles.

5. Boxing, maybe not wrestling shoes -

Boxing and wrestling shoes are not the same. Goto a sports supplier that can help you see the gap if this really is the first time you are buying boxing shoes and make the pick.

October 01 2017

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Did these two ponies for Aramis. It’s his OC, though it came out wastly different in both cases, since I was trying different things and both images were made a few months apart.

Also, yes, apparently enormous breasts are a thing. Who would’ve known.

Things that happened.

September 28 2017

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Sketches by Yusuke Murata (@NEBU_KURO) from ONE-PUNCH MAN | 123456789

September 25 2017

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sure you can buy an iphone x but for less than that you can buy every mainline Yakuza game and play them while dressed as Kiryu

September 23 2017

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Guess who sketched some Pokemon fusions during today’s stream

PanRysownik - Twitch

I’ll be streaming some drawing stuff around 8 PM CET, so come and say hello!

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I saw that the Mimikyu Halloween plushie had a tattoo next to its eye, and it kinda reminded me of Mike Tyson, so…

August 25 2017

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Also, I drew Rabbit Peach and Princess Peach doing fun and important stuff together.

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Asked on my stream for “sexy girls to draw” - someone suggested Sakura from Naruto, so I did what I had to do.

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